Fall-ing Back (on posts)

It’s already autumn; the leaves are turning orange and Tim Horton’s is offering Pumpkin Pie donuts and I realize that I have not posted anything from this past summer.

So here is a really brief update on cans found throughout a trip to Europe a few months back.

Paris_Coke Light_edit

Coca-Cola Light from Paris, France on top of a map of the very complex Metro system.


Found this is Brussels, Belgium – goes well with waffles.

It was hard to not attract a little attention when standing and taking the picture below.

Italy diet coke

A ‘fashion’ statement Coke Light can in Rome, Italy.

Holland Coke Zero

Coke Zero can bought outside Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

And now to the present…get you Pumpkin Pie donuts! Photo credit:


Photo credit: insidetimmies – Ian Hardy

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Happy Christmas from Ireland!

Hi everyone, it has been a while (over a year), but here’s an attempt to get back into this.

Earlier this month, I visited Ireland for the first time and had the opportunity to view some incredible scenery.

ooh ahh!

cliffs – so nice

But while, I was out and about in the main cities, I noticed there seemed to be a few ads and promo items that mention ‘Christmas’. Check them out below:

Double decker bus!

Show You’re ‘Up’ for Christmas…on a double decker bus!

Made with 100% Irish beef.

Made with 100% Irish beef.

Belfast City Hall - Happy Christmas!

Belfast City Hall – Happy Christmas!

Previously, I posted about some Hong Kong Coke cans that did a similar thing.

In parts of Canada, where populations include many different cultures, a lot of the packaging, ads and promo displays will instead use ‘Happy Holidays’. I was reminded of this in Ireland where it was pleasantly refreshing to see Christmas mentioned everywhere.

And now, for old time’s sake; a Pop Element moment from Kilkenny, Ireland…

I climbed that Church tower (thought I should let you know)

I climbed that Church tower (thought I should let you know)



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GR8 PL8 (Great Plate)

Driving around Ontario, I always notice people from outside the area from their license plates. They stand out to me due to their interesting colours and designs.


Alaska plate reads : I C RUSSIA ------ Thank you, Sarah Palin

I’d say compared to many U.S. states and other provinces, Ontario has the simplest design being plain and white. Some of my favourite designs from the States include:

Utah (Arches National Park) and Arizona for being very scenic and New Mexico and Alaska for having nice colours.

However, I’ve got to say there is one part of Canada that has a really ‘cool’ plate:


A polar bear shaped license plate from the North West Territories; how creative.


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A Dirty Trend?

A woman I used to work with once told me that she “hates brand new runners”. When asked why, she explained her reasons: “they look too new”. She continued to say that she preferred her shoes to have some scuff or dirt on them, otherwise “it’s like having flashlights on your feet!”.  I was amused by her comment as I looked at her very white and clean sneakers.

Recently, while doing some retail environment research at a shoe store in Toronto, I found this for sale:

Brand New Shoe. Order now and we'll add free dirt.

Close Up

Perhaps, I don’t visit footwear stores often enough, but it was quite interesting to see a brand new shoe with artificial dirt applied. Of course, I have seen intentionally distressed clothing (denim, jackets) accompanied with a tag informing that those rips, holes and noticeable imperfections are actually supposed to be there.

I think my former co-worker would be somewhat pleased that the designers get where she is coming from with her opinion on super clean shoes. I guess there are other people who feel that ultra white sneakers can be a little distracting, like having almost too-perfect, shiny and spotless teeth.

- rft3

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