Movie Character Caricature # 15 – Dr. Alan Grant (Jurassic Park)

In a few months it will be summer blockbuster season and Jurassic World will hit the theatres. From the previous movies, I always thought it would be exciting to go to a park and see dinosaurs roaming around. After the third film in the franchise came out in 2001, I drew my versions of what Jurassic Park could look like:


It consists of a waterfall, and a giant ‘bird cage’ in the background to hold the pterodactyls. As visually impressive the movies are, the Jurassic Park and The Lost World novels by Michael Crichton are more exciting. In fact, Crichton’s State of Fear is one of my favourites.

John William’s score is also memorable and his Journey to the Islands always gets me pumped with the shot of the helicopter making its way to the Costa Rican island that holds Jurassic Park. Anyone who has sen the recent Jurassic World trailers would have noticed that the main theme is incorporated, but in a creepy, haunting soft piano version.


So, as we wait for Jurassic World’s release in June 2015, starring Chris Pratt, here is the 15th edition of the Movie Character Caricatures, Dr. Alan Grant (played by Sam Neill)!

"Hammond, after some consideration, I've decided, not to endorse your park." - Dr Alan Grant

“Hammond, after some consideration, I’ve decided, not to endorse your park.” – Dr Alan Grant

Character: Dr. Alan Grant | Movie: Jurassic Park (1993) | Copyright: Ryan RFT February 2015


– Ryan RFT

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day everyone.

I have a bunch of green beads that were handed to me from former Toronto mayor Rob Ford. In fact all the beads you see in his right hand (photo below) are in my room.  I’ll be sure to wear them in the next few days.IMG_0047

I remember it was extremely cold during last year’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade (-12 C), however, Ford was walking just around in a suit jacket.

– Ryan RFT

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Movie Character Cartoon # 14 – Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan)

Getting to work this week has been tough as I drive during rush hour.

(Prepare for worst segway ever).

Speaking of that, the latest edition of Movie Character Cartoons is from the hilarious movie Rush Hour!

I love Jackie Chan‘s incredible fighting style that incorporates innovative action. My friend and I used to watch his documentary, Jackie Chan: My Stunts, where we learned his techniques such as using cardboard boxes to cushion a fall (instead of a large air-filled landing pad) or kicking a guy holding magazines because it looks ‘pretty’ as they fly trough the air.


From a comedy stand-point, I like Jackie’s performance alongside Chris Tucker (Agent Carter). Furthermore, the bloopers during the credits are good for laughs. So here he is, Inspector Lee from Rush Hour:

"My daddy once caught a bullet with his bare hand."

“My daddy once caught a bullet with his bare hand.”

Character: Inspector Lee | Movie: Rush Hour | Copyright: Ryan RFT February 2015


– Ryan RFT

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Movie Character Cartoon # 13 – Jack Dawson

The Academy Awards will be on this evening. Tonight, the Oscar for Best Original Song will go to Shawn Patterson for “Everything is Awesome” (The Lego Movie).

But for now, today’s Movie Character Cartoon will pay tribute to a movie that won a bunch of Oscars seventeen years ago and had my heart go on for Celine Dion. This is Jack Dawson (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) from Titanic.


I'm the king of the wooooooorld!

I’m the king of the wooooooorld!

Character: Jack Dawson | Movie: Titanic | Copyright: Ryan RFT February 2015

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Movie Character Cartoon # 12 – Michael Jordan (Space Jam)

This past weekend, Zack LaVine of the Minnesota Timberwolves won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, showing off some athleticism and creativity. He noted that he was inspired by the movie Space Jam after seeing the great Michael Jordan team up with Bugs Bunny. The dunk champ was even accompanied by the Quad CIty DJs who sang the movie’s theme and wore the Tune Squad jersey.


Coincidentally, I recently attempted drawing the Space Jam star, Michael Jordan. I only had one marker for darker skin tone so it was hard to get accurate values while colouring. For next time, I’ll have to buy more, or use pencil crayons. But here is anyway:

"Thanks guys, you got a lot of... a lot of... well, whatever it is, you got a lot of it." - Michael Jordan (to his team, after winning the game)

“Thanks guys, you got a lot of… a lot of… well, whatever it is, you got a lot of it.” – Michael Jordan (to his team, after winning the game)

Character: Michael Jordan | Movie: Space Jam (1996) | Copyright:Ryan RFT February 2015

Tools: Prisimacolor Marker / Coloured Pencils and felt black markers on 100lb Bristol paper

Space Jam was one of my favourite movies growing up as it was 1 of 4 VHS tapes I have ever owned. It was fun re-watching it a few weeks ago and drawing ‘His Airness’, even though it didn’t turn out as great as I had hoped. I’ll keep trying to improve.

– Ryan RFT

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(Request) Movie Character Cartoon # 11 – Jane Bennet

As I’m getting the hang of drawing cartoon movie characters, I thought that I should try more females from film. I asked for some suggestions on some previous posts and I received one response; thank you Andrea from AndyIsBipolar for participating!

The nice thing about getting input from others is that I don’t know what could be coming, and the request of Jane Bennet from Pride and Prejudice is as random as it could get with me. This is the first drawing that I have done where I have not heard of the character. In fact, I’m only familiar with Rosamund Pike from Gone Girl, so this drawing made for a fun challenge.


Rosamund Pike as Jane Bennet had two features that stood out to me from the reference photos; here big bold eyes and the slight up-turn to her nose. Here, I exaggerated the size of the eyes, similar to the technique for Jack Sparrow, and showed the nostrils. Rosamund actually has a prominent and picture-perfect smile, however, the reference had her show a more modest expression so I went with a closed mouth (this also helps keep the ‘head-weight’ at the top/eyes).


I actually couldn’t find a photo or movie clip that showed her Jane’s entire body in this costume, therefore, I am guessing for the lower half.

"How do you like it here in Hertfordshire, Mr. Bingley?" - Jane Bennet

“How do you like it here in Hertfordshire, Mr. Bingley?” – Jane Bennet

Character: Jane Bennet | Movie: Pride and Prejudice (2005) |Copyright: Ryan RFT February 2015

Tools: Prisimacolor Coloured Pencils and felt black markers on 100lb Bristol paper


Jane Bennet_photo


– Ryan RFT


Question: Which other female movie character do you suggest that I draw into a (wonderful) cartoon form? Comment below and I might give it a try.

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Movie Character Cartoon # 10 – Indiana Jones

When I was in school, a friend asked a group of us, “Which character do you think of when someone says ‘Harrison Ford‘?”. Some replied Hans Solo while for others, Indiana Jones came to mind. Then I said “The President from AIr Force One!” and proceeded to say “Get off my plane!” in the deepest, growliest voice I could make.

But deep down, my answer truly was the adventurer, Indiana Jones.

One of my favourite movie scores is the Indiana Jones Theme by John Williams. It is cheerful, uplifting, and everyone knows it. If only I could sing it with text (do-do-do-dooooooo, do-do-doooooo). That didn’t work.

Anyway, please welcome Movie Character Cartoon # 10:

"Snakes. Why'd It Have To Be Snakes?" - Indiana Jones

“Snakes. Why’d It Have To Be Snakes?” – Indiana Jones

Character: Indiana Jones | Movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark |Copyright: Ryan RFT January 2015

Tools: Prisimacolor Coloured Pencils and felt black markers on 100lb Bristol paper

Bristol Paper

In general, the smoother paper made a big difference for colouring. Colours blended better and I didn’t have to press hard as with the thicker paper (which ate up the lead quickly).

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