GR8 PL8 (Great Plate)

Driving around Ontario, I always notice people from outside the area from their license plates. They stand out to me due to their interesting colours and designs.


Alaska plate reads : I C RUSSIA ------ Thank you, Sarah Palin

I’d say compared to many U.S. states and other provinces, Ontario has the simplest design being plain and white. Some of my favourite designs from the States include:

Utah (Arches National Park) and Arizona for being very scenic and New Mexico and Alaska for having nice colours.

However, I’ve got to say there is one part of Canada that has a really ‘cool’ plate:


A polar bear shaped license plate from the North West Territories; how creative.


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2 responses to “GR8 PL8 (Great Plate)

  1. That has got to be the most awesome license plate ever! I’m from NY, and I love the older NY plates(the white ones with blue lettering with the little red Statue of Liberty). I have one of them from a motorcycle(small), and one of the plates from my dad’s last car after he passed away.

    Are all of those plates from your collection?

  2. I agree, the NY plate with the Statue of Liberty is a classic – I happen to have one and you should definitely keep yours, esp. for sentimental reasons.
    From what I’ve seen in Western NY, the yellow designs seem to be common but I’m not too fond of those but I think there’s one with a blue background which looks good.

    Yes, these are from my collection – I’m hoping to make a nice display out of them in the future.

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